STAMS 2023 / SEMTA-MECAMAT COLLOQUIUM. 4 - 6 October. Toledo, Spain

4 - 6 October. Toledo, Spain



List of posters

  • Yaovi Armand Amouzou-Adoun – PhD student
    Revisiting size effects associated with strain gradient plasticity under complex loading paths
  • Pilar Ariza
    Thermally-averaged interatomic potential for the simulation of aluminium-copper alloys
  • Jacobo Ayensa-Jiménez
    Accelerating multiscale simulations of glioblastoma progression with a combination of Neural Networks and spectral methods
  • José Manuel Cortés Cortés – PhD student
    Viscosity characterization of ex-vivo porcine cornea using torsional waves
  • Ángel De La Rosa Velasco
    Compression fatigue failure criterium in hydraulic binders based on Bayesian analysis
  • Inas H Faris
    Torsional Wave Elastography: A aovel approach to determine nonlinear mechanical properties of the cornea
  • Pilar Fernández-Pisón – PhD student
    Modeling strain-induced martensitic transformation in austenitic stainless steels subjected to cryogenic temperatures using incremental mean-field homogenization schemes
  • Anil Kumar – PhD student
    Dynamic radial expansion and fragmentation of porous metal rings
  • Paul Lafourcade
    Continuum metrics for in-situ analysis of crystal plasticity and twinning at the atomic scale
  • Rémi Lemaire – PhD student
    Microstructure and kinetics of theα- transformation in iron under intense loading
  • Miguel Molinos Pérez
    Meanfield atomistic model for hydrogen diffusion on magnesium alloys
  • Lucía Palos Luzón – PhD student
    The effect of mechanics on the glioblastoma microenviroment
  • Marina Pérez Aliacar – PhD student
    Modelling phenotypic plasticity and cellular adaptation with internal variables: exploring glioblastoma adaptation to hypoxia
  • Esther Puertas
    Numerical comparison of different techniques for modelling masonry structures: from micro to macro
  • Carlos J. Ruestes
    Nanoscale plasticity by means of stochastic discrete slip events
  • Thomas Virazels – PhD student
    Pores collapse and spall fracture: a direct observation using fast X-Ray imaging
  • A. R. Vishnu – PhD student
    Unravelling the role of porosity in dynamic shear localization
  • Gabriel Zarzoso – PhD student
    FFT implementation of a microscopic chemo-mechanical model for damage in lithium batteries


Wednesday - 10/04/2023
08:30-09:00 Registration / Opening
09:00-09:35 Alan Needleman
09:35-10:10 Henryk Petryk
10:10-10:45 Ahmed Benallal
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break – Posters Session
11:15-11:50 Maurine Montagnat-Rentier
11:50-12:25 Alain Molinari
12:25-13:40 Lunch
13:40-14:15 Skander El Maï
14:15-14:50 Ankit Srivastava
14:50-15:20 Coffee Break – Posters Session
15:20-15:55 Jean-Baptiste Leblond
15:55-16:30 Samuel Forest
16:30-17:05 Carole Nadot-Martin
19:30-22:00 Welcome reception-Venta de Aires